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Ear Condition: Hyperacusis

Hyperacusis James David Hearing Care

Hyperacusis causes increased sensitivity to everyday sounds. It is relatively uncommon, but can be extremely debilitating to daily life.

Ear Condition: Glue Ear

Glue Ear James David Hearing Care

Glue Ear mainly affects children, when fluid gets repeatedly trapped behind the eardrum. Spotting it early is key to reducing further risk.

Ear Condition: Cholesteatoma

Cholesteatoma - James David Hearing Care

Cholesteatoma, a nasty growth formed close to the ear drum which can cause permanent hearing loss, will show up in an ear exam. What is it?

Ear Condition: Menieres disease

Menieres Disease

Menieres disease is an ear condition which can come on suddenly. It is important to act fast, so you need to understand what it looks like.

Why do cotton buds feel good?

Why do cotton buds feel so good?

Ever wondered why cotton buds feel so good when you know that, in reality, they are so bad? It may be more exciting than you think!
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Ear Condition: Osteoma


Osteomas are benign tumours that grow in bone tissues. They usually develop in the skull, facial bones, and the long bones of the body, and can affect the ear canal as well. Here we explore how they can affect the ear, and what the symptoms and treatments are.